Labour Related Proceedings

In addition, we represent several large organizations, principally government owned corporation and financial institutions employers in relation to Labour and Industrial Relations disputes and have experience appearing in the Industrial Court for trial over the last eight (8) years.

The matter that we handle are in relation to claim against our clients as employers/companies relate to Pre-Industrial Court and Industrial Court proceedings.

For this purpose, we have access to the Industrial Law Reports by an online subscription to CLJ Law.

We are particularly active in this area of law and have several decisions of Industrial Court Cases  that we handled,reported in the industrial Law reports.

This area of the Law is gaining relative importance and we are also able to assist clients set up a human relations section/department,prepare inquiries for hearing of Domestic Inquiries or prosecute Cases of indiscipline in Domestic Inquiries for corporations,as we have recently done so for statutory Corporations and National Corporations in the insurance industry.

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